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In the cities of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón there are quite a lot of chauffeur companies, so often people want to hire a private chauffeur but don´t know which company to go for. Autoelegance views itself as the rental company for cars with a chauffeur with the best conditions, as it has been recommended by numerous users over the years it has been operating.

If you want to find a chauffeur service of proven quality, visit the Autoelegance website and contract our vehicle rental service. We stand out from competitors thanks to the extremely high level conditions that we offer. For us, the client comes first and that is why we ensure you enjoy a sensational experience by looking after several elements, beginning with the contracting process, with several high-range cars available for you.

However, our reputation is not only based on the exclusivity of our vehicles, our professionals are also an important part of our company´s renown. With exquisite training, Autoelegance´s private drivers will make their passengers feel comfortable and safe at all times, and also offer them the service for the time it is required.

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Our chauffeurs, as we have already mentioned, are highly qualified, they all meet a series of requirements needed to join our team of drivers:

  1. Proven experience driving luxury vehicles, ensuring a quick journey and a completely smooth drive.
  2. Utmost discretion with the conversations that are had inside the vehicle, any subject addressed in the presence of our chauffeur is 100% confidential.
  3. Exquisite treatment, with utmost respect for each of the passengers. Also, if the client wishes, the chauffeur can provide conversation, addressing really interesting subjects.
  4. A capacity for complete availability, they are at your disposal any time of the day over the 24-hours.
  5. Elegant dress style, with a suit and tie in all journeys, unless otherwise indicated.
  6. Knowledge of vehicles in order to fix the car in the event of a small breakdown or to know how to act in the event of accidents.
  7. Knowledge of one of several languages in addition to Spanish. Thus, any English or French speakers will feel much more at ease on board our vehicles.
  8. Knowledge of all the city routes in the cities of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, thus avoiding possible traffic jams and always choosing the quickest route.

When it comes to paying, it is necessary to consider that the price varies according to the time that you have contracted the chauffeur service, the final budget is produced according to the hours enjoyed. Whether you want your chauffeur in Valencia, your chauffeur in Castellón or your chauffeur in Alicante, the payment conditions will be the same.

So now you know: Contract a chauffeur by the hour in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante and enjoy the best private driver!