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Don´t want the hassle of thinking where and at what time you need to take transport to reach your destination? Fancy forgetting about everything to do with the trip and just think about the things you need to do when you are in the city? Do you want maximum comfort and to not have to travel with displeasure? Well then, Autoelegance is the place for you. Here you will find the best service in the Valencian Community for the rental of vehicles with a driver.

Before contracting one of our services, it is important to be clear about what the aim of the hire is. Depending on the need you have in mind, we will act in one way or another, while always respecting the foundations of our company policy. Therefore, it isn´t the same renting one of our vehicles for a simple passenger transfer from one area to another of the city, as it is renting it for a wedding, where it is necessary to adapt the car to the situation and take care of every detail in order to offer the best image at the celebration.

Nor is contracting our service for transfers to the airport, where punctuality is a key factor, the same as doing so for a business meeting, where our fleet and our professionals will seek to offer utmost elegance. It is also necessary to differentiate between people who use us for a single journey and people who are looking for return transport, or service over several days.

car transfers

Renting a car with a chauffeur is always a difficult decision, as there are several companies devoted to the transfer of passengers and it isn´t very clear what the best option is in terms of the price-quality ratio. We have an offer that is characterised by its premium quality, devised for people who are looking for something of a higher quality and more luxury, not simply travelling from one place to the next in whatever way. Therefore, our car rental for transfers is a service that is different to that of competitors, we provide luxury coverage to people who want quality transport for visits and trips.

Many of our clients are successful business leaders who are looking for transport for companies, this niche is one of our major sources of income. Locally, services at weddings and celebrations, as well as transport to the airport are also pillars of great importance in our business.

We are here to make any requirement of our clients a reality.

A luxury service for luxury people like you.